Life on the island

St Barths is a tiny rock set in the Caribbean Sea incredibly prestigious thanks to its population who has preserved not only the island but the art of living as well.
Natives are extremely discreet men and women who don’t open up easily. Family life is of utmost importance and often grandfather, father and children live in the same village.
Here, traditional values are unquestionable and one’s word is sacred.

St Barths take grate care of their environment. Their homes are cozy but strong enough to withstand hurricanes. Quite a few St Barths are fishermen or

builders but others are making a living with the tourist industry.
St Barthelemy is located in the English speaking part of the Caribbean. English however is only one of the languages spoken on the island. The official language is French. Creole, witch steams from French, is spoken in the windward part side. Regional French known as “patois” is spoken in the leeward areas and finally, Guadeloupe Creole can often be heard in Gustavia.